Bulk Photo Scanning

Bulk Photo Scanning

Why Scan Photos?

If you have boxes, envelops and old sticky albums filled with pictures from the pre-digital age, it is time to DIGITIZE! Are all of your childhood pictures in a shoe box some where? Scanning these photos so that you can have a digital copy is very important in the case of damage to these one of a kind originals.  It is also fun to share memories with family members.  When photos sit in boxes in one family member’s home, the rest of the family does not have easy access to them.   Once they are digitized, everyone can access them!

We will scan and archive your precious photos onto an external thumb drive. The cost is $15 for the drive and the $0.15 per scan. We can do thousands of pictures in just a short time.  This is one of those tasks on your to do list that you can just let us handle.

Don’t Use Non-Archival Photos for Scrapbooking!

We like to remind scrapbookers that it is typically not advisable to use pictures prior to 1995 directly in your scrapbook. These originals are likely non-archival. As a scrapbooker, you have invested in archival scrapbook paper, adhesives, page protectors and embellishments. It makes sense that the most important item on your page is the photograph. It should be archival quality as well.

We suggest that once you have us scan your photos, you reprint the ones that you wish to scrapbook at your favorite photo processing site. To scrapbook old photos risks further damage and deterioration of these memories.