Crop Event Details

Crop Event Details

Your Crop Spot (goodie bags will vary)

o    Each attendee gets a 6 ft table to herself.
o    2 chairs for each attendee (one for you/one for your STUFF!)
o    Lots of room to move around between rows
o    Each attendee gets a goodie bag.
o    A power strip is provided and plugged in for you prior to arrival.  Every group of 4 shares one power strip. Bring an extra power strip if you need one.

Food (you will not be hungry!)

o    Included meals (2 dinners/2 breakfasts/ice cream social).
o    There is a separate area where the meals for our group will be served.
o    There are snacks, sodas and water provided in the crop room.
o    Coffee and hot tea available during the early mornings and late evenings.

The Crop Room

o    The crop room is open the following hours:

Thursday:  2:30-midnight (early crop start option)
Friday:  noon–3 a.m.
Saturday:  7 a.m.–3 a.m.
Sunday:  7 a.m.–2 p.m.
o    Easy in and out access to the scrap room
o    Good lighting
o    There are generally no cricut tables since each attendee has 6ft of space.


o    Lots of GREAT vendors
o    There are classes taught by our vendors. There is a separate classroom so that you can hear the instructor.


o     Awesome door prizes are given away throughout the weekend. We typically have 50-60 door prizes.
o     Attendees earn door prize tickets for arrival, signing up for classes, bringing extra snacks to share, getting a massage, participating in the layout contest, or shopping from the vendors.
o    There are also all kinds of games, contests, free make-n-takes, and fun for all!


o     Music is played throughout the day. It starts off as background music and gets louder during the late night fun.