Event Guidelines

Event Guidelines for Attendees –

Let’s Have Fun:

We know how much everyone looks forward to their weekend away. Harbor Scrapbooking works really hard to make the event as fun as possible. We have always ensured that everyone has a 6ft spot with an extra chair, space between rows and electricity at your spot. Providing space and a great environment is important to us.

We know we can’t always please everyone all of the time, but we do our best to consider what we can do as a group to make everyone as comfortable as possible.

Over the years, we have developed a few guidelines to help out. Below are those guidelines. A few new ones have been added based on recent attendee comments/questions.

General Guidelines:

No Name Tag Moving:

When you arrive, please DO NOT switch names tags around. Creating the room drawing is a long process that merges many requests, needs, and considerations. The only exception is if you and your friend (that you came with) want to switch seats directly. Even large groups that come together, should talk to EVERYONE involved and not randomly switch someone within a group. Under no circumstance should you move a name tag of someone who is NOT in your immediate group.

Internet Access – Cricut, Videos, Music:

We ask that the wifi be reserved as much as possible for the Cricut users who require access to cut on their machines. Scrapbooking is the top priority in the room. If you wish to watch a movie, view a how to video, or play music on your head phones etc, we ask that you download it on your device before entering the crop room (at home or in your hotel room). Streaming videos or music really slows the internet down and can kick off the Cricut users mid-cut. Do log on to check your email, look something up etc. However, log off of the wifi when you are done to preserve the bandwidth.

Only Use NON-Scented Diffusers/Humidifiers:

There has been a very popular trend with scrapbookers bringing and using diffusers at their table. I definitely support the idea of using these diffusers and respect how valuable and helpful they are to individuals. However, with as many ladies we have in one room at the same time, the scent combinations have become too much. They have triggered some allergies to certain smells as well many complaints regarding the overwhelming competing scents.

The doTerra vendor, Linda Caler, will pick one or two scents that are mild to use at her booth. She has worked with many of you and knows what scents have caused issues and which ones are mild enough to share with the room. If you have a special allergy that affects you, please let Linda know.

Power to Tables:

There is a 6 plug power strip for every 4 ladies that will be at your table. If you need many items plugged in, bring an extra power strip so that everyone gets access to power.

Wear Layers!

We try to keep the room temperature comfortable. We ask the hotel to do its best to keep the room at 69-70 degrees. Please do bring layers of clothes to add as necessary or remove as necessary.

Music – Use Head Phones:

Music is played throughout the day. It starts off as background music and gets progressively louder after dinner. If you have specific music that you prefer to listen to, please bring headphones. Do not play music out loud at your table.

Thank you for your consideration regarding these guidelines!!