How to Register

How To Register

Registration for our crop starts at 7 a.m. on the date that is
advertised on the “Dates/Locations” menu items.


1. You can register via the register button above.  This button can also be
found in the upper right hand corner of the website.

2. You will be prompted to sign in as a new registrant or a previous attendee.
Use your most current email address (send an email to if you need to update your address).

3. Fill out the registration form as you are prompted.

4. 4-day Crop:  Select the “Extra Night (Thursday) (Additional $35)” check box
if you wish to add this option.

5. Seating: To ensure that your group is seated all together,  list all members of your
group under the table mate section of the registration form or use agreed upon

6. Groups: Be sure to coordinate with group members. Sign up as soon as registration
opens so that that each person in the group is most likely to get a spot.

7. Closest table mate: Even when using a group name, please put the name
of the person you prefer to sit closest to. For instance, if you are
coming in a group of eight and want to sit right next to your sister,
mother or best friend, please put her name first in the table mate section.

8. Accept the cancellation policy.

9. Select the Submit button.

Payment Form

Once the registration form is complete, the payment page will come up
next and needs to be filled out.

Your payment options are as follows:

Pay by Check/Money Order
Pay by Credit Card

After entering all of the information requested,  select the
“Place Order” button.

Confirmation Email

After registered, a confirmation email should be received. You will
receive one confirmation email confirming your registration and payment method.
IF you chose “pay by check,” the address for mailing a check will be in the
confirmation email. Credit card payments will also receive a second confirmation
email to confirm credit card payment itself. Note: There is a small charge
for paying with a credit card. Do not send this when paying by check.

Update Your Email Contact list

If it is your first time registering or if you have ever had trouble receiving
a confirmation email in the past, please add the following emails to your contact list:

Because of our many different systems (information newsletters, registration confirmation, payment confirmation and individual emails from the owner), emails can come from many different addresses regarding the event. Any of these addresses can potentially be blocked by your spam blocker. Adding the above addresses to your email contact list reduces this problem. If your are a returning attendee who is not receiving emails after adding the above emails to your contact list, please confirm your current email with us. You can do this by sending an email to and letting us know you are having difficulty and what your current email is. The email will be updated in the database and should fix the problem.